General Labor Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: September 25, 2018

General labor refers to the multitude of tasks that are performed in order to assist skilled personnel in their work.

They perform a vast variety of manual tasks like moving and operating equipment, loading and unloading merchandise and performing stocking duties. Depending on their placement, they are expected to clean construction sites’ debris and hazardous materials, installing traffic signals and pipes and ensuring that equipment is ready to use.

They work in many settings such as construction, factories, and plants.

On a typical workday, they are expected to perform digging tasks along with erecting scaffolding and ensuring the general cleanup of sites before and after each shift. Other tasks may include pulling shipping materials, operating forklifts, moving and securing products, stacking finished products, applying tags to products and troubleshooting equipment problems.

The work of a general laborer is dependent on the industry that they are working in. This is why employers will hand out a different set of duties in different environments. People wishing to work as general laborers need to be ready for any work. Since this position requires you to perform a lot of manual labor, physical agility is a prerequisite.

If you are looking for a position as a general laborer, you will be interested in the following resume objectives.


Sample Objectives for a General Labor Resume

• Hardworking General Laborer with great physical stamina looking for a challenging position. Bringing expertise in performing manual labor tasks, knowledge of reading moisture meters and ability to follow instructions in order to assist with smoothing out warehouse procedures.

• To work for ServiceMaster as a General Laborer using great attention to detail and ability to understand and follow instructions to provide the company with quick and perfect services.

• Competent and high-energy professional seeking a position as a General Laborer utilizing the ability to understand sketches and routings along with operating maintenance equipment effectively.

• Desire a General Laborer position at The Bay Family of Companies. Offering expertise in handling equipment and operating forklifts to facilitate shipping and warehouse functions.

• To work as a General Laborer for AT&T where I may utilize my knowledge of assisting in laying and testing equipment. Competent at digging, scaffolding and cleaning of work area.

• To obtain a position as a General Laborer with Stimson Construction Company using excellent knowledge of managing pre-construction work to facilitate construction projects.