General Laborer Resume Summary | 7+ Examples

Updated on: July 9, 2020
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General Laborer Resumes have the potential to attract prospective employers towards them. In order for a resume to be considered a good read, it has to be complete in every sense.

From the very beginning to the end – every word should be written in a manner that is precise and informative. Since the beginning of every resume is the objective or the summary, let’s first discuss that.

Not many people are favorable for writing an objective for general laborer resume; they feel that a summary of qualifications makes more sense. And this might be true in many scenarios.

A General Laborer summary encompasses everything and has the capacity to truly motivate the reader to keep reading the resume till the end. Employers love candidates who can edict all that they are capable of in the very first sentence that they write.

For them, it means that the hassle of trying to understand what the candidate is saying and looking through a hundred more resumes to find the right one, is reduced.

Deem your General Laborer resume summary as a thin line that you need to hold on to for the sake of a job that you have always wanted.

Hence, writing a summary that is complete and attractive is of great importance. Here, we are providing you with some examples of summaries for a general laborer resume.

7 Sample Summary Statements for a General Laborer Resume

1. Hardworking and passionate General Laborer with exceptional physical strength and endurance. Adept at handling detailed work using good hand-eye and mental coordination. Friendly and results-oriented with the ability to work collaboratively to attain the goals of the employer.

2. Physically dexterous General Laborer with 5 years’ proven track record of providing assistance in construction and manual work. Expert in the safe operation of hand and power tools. Repeated record of success supporting achievement of standards in efficiency and on-time production.

3. Positive and confident Laborer with the ability to work as a motivated team member to provide dedicated general maintenance and cleaning support in a variety of settings. Proficient in operating equipment such as forklifts with precision and extreme care. Known for complying with safety policies, practices, and procedures.

4. A versatile and dynamic general laborer who always strives to achieve a high standard in whatever is undertaken. Competent in clearing work areas, lubricating equipment, and setting out project-specific tools to assist workers. Supports different departments doing diverse tasks to help achieve production goals.

5. Self-motivated and energetic General Laborer with extensive experience in handling general construction support work such as clearing work areas, transporting bricks and assembling and disassembling reinforcement braces and temporary structures.

6. Physically agile General Laborer with 8 years’ successful track record of working in the construction arena. Proficient in materials management, concrete mixing, and site maintenance. Known to maintain safety standards and provide exceptional customer service. Ability to take and follow clear direction from supervisor and ensure a high level of effectiveness.

7. Versatile, creative and enthusiastic General Labourer with exceptional competencies in positioning temporary work zones, diverting traffic and providing logistic support during construction work processes.