Road Construction Laborer Cover Letter

Updated on: December 7, 2017

Your cover letter should be a document that allows the hiring manager to delve deep into what you will be able to contribute once you are hired.

This ability to outline your worth to a hiring manager is something that you will have to work on when writing a cover letter.

Not everyone can write a great cover letter. Those who can, almost always end up with good jobs – or at least, interviews that lead to good jobs.

Cover letter writing has evolved tremendously since the time you wrote your first ever cover letter.

Things have changed. What you once wrote is no longer eligible. What you need to write now is something that will blow the hiring manager away, forcing him to give you a chance at an interview immediately. This feat is not all that easy. You have to have a certain type of mindset to be able to manage this.

A cover letter sample for a road construction laborer is provided below for you to take ideas from:



Road Construction Laborer Cover Letter Sample



December 7, 2017


Mr. Charles Daemon
Human Resource Manager
Concrete Construction Company
700 Port Royal Road
Spring Hill, TN 37141


Dear Mr. Daemon:

Road construction work is not simple – and simplicity in work is not something that I am looking for. As an experienced road construction laborer, I have been actively involved in many complex projects, requiring much in terms of analytic abilities, and physical strength. At this point in time, I am hoping that I can provide Concrete Construction Company with enough self-information so that I can be considered the right person to hire. My resume is enclosed for your perusal.

Over the past 5 years, I have been diligently working in many areas, including erecting traffic signs and barricades, directing traffic, and clearing debris from workplaces. But my expertise do not only lie in these areas. As an experienced road construction laborer, I am well-versed in using a wide variety of tools and equipment to handle digging and excavating work, ensuring that all safety measures are put into place properly.

I actively read and interpret plans, instructions, and specifications pertaining to specific projects, allowing me to ensure that all work activities are carried out in an accurate and efficient manner.

I would like to meet with you in person to shed further light on my capabilities in this regard. I will call you soon to set up a meeting time and date. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Samuel Laurie
(000) 745-5412