Bookkeeper Job Description for Resume

Position Overview

Bookkeeping is one of the essential aspects of any business.

Keeping accounts in order and handling financial details of a company is hard work! Bookkeepers are hired to ensure that a company’s bookkeeping needs are properly managed and that all financial records are in order.

Bookkeepers who work for large corporations may be entrusted with overseeing its accounts on the whole; their work spans from handling day to day accounting information to managing complicated year-end reports.

Job Requirements

To work as a bookkeeper, you must have some background in accounting. People who have a high school diploma at the very least are eligible for this position, but many employers prefer to hire individuals who have an associate’s degree in accounting or finance.

Working as a bookkeeper requires you to be detail-oriented as you will be handling complex calculations on a daily basis. Your computer skills need also be above par as most of your work will be done on computers in accounting related software.

Sample Job Description for Bookkeeper Resume

• Verify, allocate and post accounting transactions

• Reconcile entries to balance subsidiaries

• Maintain general ledgers by preparing a trial balance

• Prepare and maintain profit and loss, and income statements

• Develop and implement accounting systems to perform financial transactions

• Assist in defining and documenting bookkeeping procedures and policies for the company

• Collect, analyze and summarize account information and trends to prepare financial reports

• Handle sales invoices, receipts and payments processing

• Prepare check extensions and write checks

• Ensure that all checks are signed and stamped before the issue

• Complete and file tax returns and inland revenue documentation

• Prepare cash flow statements and handle paperwork filing activities

• Deposit accounts receivable, and ensure that any payables are paid on time

• Complete records of receipts and post deposits

• Handle coding activities and identify any billing errors during the process

• Manage insurance related information and ensure that any premiums are paid on time

• Assist auditors with annual and periodical auditing procedures

• Ensure that internal audits are carried out in a time efficient manner

• Identify any accounting discrepancies with discretion

• Collect funds from clients and send reminders to clients in a bid ensure that they pay on time

• Create and post daily revenue reports and handle new account enrollment duties

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