Construction Laborer Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 28, 2019

Job Overview

Construction laborers are responsible for assisting team members in the general operations of the construction site. They perform a wide range of support duties to maintain a clean, organized, and safe site.

The job duties of laborers might be different depending on the requirements of employer and project.


To get a construction laborer’s job, a candidate usually needs an HS Diploma or GED with some experience in construction.

The applicant must be physically fit to perform difficult and repetitive tasks. OSHA certification and a valid drivers license will be a plus to applicant’s profile.



When applying for a Construction Laborer position, you will need a job application package which usually includes a resume, cover letter, and an application form provided by the employer.

As far as the cover letter of a construction laborer is concerned, the following example will show you how to write a winning cover letter for construction laborer resume or job application.

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Construction Laborer Cover Letter Example


Finn Mater
271 Example Street #7
Williston, ND 52247
(000) 000-9999
finn.mater @ email . com

June 28, 2019

Mr. Max Albert
Personnel Manager
Builders Bobbing
85 Some Street
Williston, ND 52871


Dear Mr. Albert:

I am writing to apply for the position of a Construction Laborer at Builders Bobbing, as advertised in the Williston Times. With an exceptional physical stamina and 3+ years of hands-on experience as a general laborer, I would like to contribute to Builders Bobbing’s bottom-line.

In keeping with your requirements, I can bring a vast array of skills and expertise to your company, including but not limited to:

• Loading and unloading trucks with construction material

• Inspecting site, vehicles, and equipment for safety hazards

• Assisting in setting up the crane, ladders, and safety tools to build

• Helping hoist, align, set and assembling construction materials

• Cleaning work area, tools, and equipment

My experience in the construction arena has developed my knowledge of all the equipment and materials involved in the construction process.  The enclosed resume contains details of my relevant qualifications and experiences.

As a hardworking and diligent worker, I’d like to meet with you to discuss this Construction Laborer position and my related capabilities in detail. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Finn Mater

Enc. Resume

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