5 Sample Objectives for Kitchen Assistant Resume

Updated on: February 17, 2022

The first thing to do when writing an objective statement for a kitchen assistant resume is to discover more and more information about the prospective employer.

Once you are fully aware of the exact skills being sought by the prospective employer for the kitchen assistant position, mention these in your statement to make it attractive.

The kitchen assistant resume objective statement must communicate what you can do for the employer rather than your expectations.

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Top 5 Kitchen Assistant Resume Objectives Examples

A typical format for kitchen assistant objectives for resume will be discussed first.

It is usually a short, one or two lines objective statement, mentioning your intention to work with a specific company on a particular position, along with your aim of contributing to the hiring organization’s progress.

Some necessary employer-specific skills should be included in the objectives.

1. To work for ABC Hotel as a Kitchen Assistant. I offer expertise in recipe development, carrying and serving food to guests, labeling and storing of leftover food, cleaning utensils and assisting in stock maintenance.

2. To obtain a position as a Kitchen Assistant with Chicago Grill. Bringing 4+ years’ hands-on experience in following recipes, chopping and mixing salads and food storage to provide practical support and exceptional customer service

Adding an objective to your resume is an option, but if you are at the entry-level or going for a career change, the same becomes mandatory.

Since objectives are getting less popular in resumes with time and employers now prefer resumes with a performance summary, you could craft your objective into a performance summary to serve a dual purpose. For example:

3. Driven and active Kitchen Assistant, looking for a similar role with a renowned company. Skilled in salad mixing, sandwich making, kitchen cleaning and recipe development.

4. A seasoned Kitchen Assistant desire work with XYZ, utilizing expertise in following recipes accurately and helping out with kitchen support tasks. Well versed in table-setting, utensils cleaning, and work area maintenance.

5. Highly skilled and talented Kitchen Assistant, eager to assist in kitchen support tasks with a broader aim of making a difference in the quality of services.

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