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Kitchen Crew Job Description and Duties

Position Overview Members of a kitchen crew perform many food preparation duties at a restaurant or hospital kitchen. They are required to follow set recipes of a restaurant or hospital and the standards that they want to uphold. As a part of the culinary staff in a restaurant or a hospital, kitchen crew members need… Read More »

Kitchen Crew Resume Sample

The kitchen crew in any foodservice establishment serves the same purpose – preparation and delivery of food. Resumes written for positions of this nature need to hold specific information regarding knowledge of cooking, preparing, and presenting food according to instructions. While anyone with a little culinary sense can work as part of a kitchen crew,… Read More »

Kitchen Hand Resume Sample and Writing Guide

There are different types of formats and templates which might be used to build a kitchen hand resume. You can choose one depending on the needs of the employer and your experience level, but the purpose of your resume will remain the same. A skills-based or functional format is useful if you are applying for a… Read More »