Your candidacy for case manager position is dependent on the fact that how appealing your cover letter is. In order to grab the recruiter’s interest, your cover letter must be compelling and meaningful.

A cover letter for case manager position needs to be written very tactfully. This document will help you win an interview by persuading the employer to take a look at your enclosed resume.

Try to keep the letter brief while focusing only on the employer specified skills. Specify your skills which render you an ideal candidate for the case manager position – and if hired, what skills you can bring to company.

Having a close look at the job advertisement and going through some sample cover letters for case manager position will be very helpful in this regard.



Case Manager Cover Letter Example



Gwendolyn Marshall

gwen @ email . com
985 Auburn Square, Cambridge, MA 34662
Cellular: (002) 555-7777 | Home: (004) 777-5555

January 6, 2017

Ms. Audrey Daniel
Managing Director
Sunshine Family and Social Services
90 Hilly Lane
Cambridge, MA 34662


Dear Ms. Daniel:

Introducing myself as a highly skilled case manager who has 7+ years’ track record of success handling complicated family and individual cases successfully, I would like to join your team in a similar capacity.

After reading your job specifications and requirements, I found that my talents complement your needs:

✓ Hands on experience in managing complicated cases of substance abuse and alcohol addiction effectively

✓ Well-versed with all available community services

✓ Special talent for making claims on behalf of the clients in need

✓ Well practiced in ensuring timely provision of legal assistance to clients and monitoring the same

As a driven and fully-energized Case Manager, I’d welcome an opportunity to meet with you to discuss my potential and how could make a contribution to your organization. My resume is attached, and I anticipate that after reading you will give me a call.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.



Gwendolyn Marshall

Attachment: Resume