Coming up with an impressive and catchy objective statement for a food service assistant can be a difficult task, especially for entry level candidates. One basic rule to keep in mind when writing an objective statement is to make it employer focused.

The objective should clearly state what the candidate can do for the employer. Self centered objectives, stating you need to work in order to enhance your experience can seriously hurt your candidacy. It is obvious that you need the job to grow professionally; but you don’t need to state it! Write what the employer wants to read. Suggest ways in which your expertise can be utilized for the betterment of the prospective organization.

Sample Objectives for Food Service Assistant Resume

There are numerous ways to create your objective statement. Some applicants prefer very short and to the point objective statements; simply stating what they are seeking and want they could for the employers by mentioning two or three core competencies right at the beginning.

• To work for Cooley Dickinson Hospital as a food service assistant with an aim at enhancing the patient care through demonstration of efficient food service skills to ensure safe and fresh delivery of food and services to patients in a timely and professional manner. Well versed in cash register operation and accounting tasks.

• Looking for a position as a food service assistant with ABC Café. Bringing expertise in food service, kitchen equipment maintenance and a customer focused orientation for the better projection of organization.

• To secure the position of Food Service Assistant at Lee Memorial Health System. Offering strong expertise in performing a variety of food preparation and cleaning functions to maintain the facility at a best level of service, hygiene and orderliness.

• Client focused and dependable food service assistant seeking a position with Yampa Valley Medical Center. Bringing skills in portioning food items, assembling meals and dishwashing activities to maintain a sanitary and safe work environment.

• To acquire the position of food service assistant at XYZ with the intent of enhancing the overall customer care delivery and client satisfaction through effective demonstration of professional food assistance skills.

As you can see from all the above statements, none of these is self centered. All objective statements should state your potential and skills being offered rather than what you need out of the position.