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Business Intern Cover Letter Sample

A business internship can open many doors for you. In order to obtain one, it is crucial to write a cover letter that says that you can learn the ropes easily and quickly, and can also contribute exceptionally.   It is important to remember that cover letters written for a business intern position need to… Read More »

Business Intern Interview Questions and Answers

What do interviews mean to you? When applying for a business intern position, they should mean everything.   And since you want the experience and the exposure at this time, it is imperative that you prepare well in advance. In an interview for a business intern role, you must concentrate on what you have to… Read More »

Finance Internship Resume Objectives

One of the main reasons that you must write an objective on a resume that you write for a finance internship is the fact that it will be given high consideration. Obtaining internships are not easy, especially if your resume does not open in the right manner.   You need to convince the hiring manager… Read More »

Finance Internship Resume Summary

Obtaining a finance internship is easy if your resume summary says brilliant things about you. It is important to realize that the resume summary decides the course of the rest of the document. It also gives a hiring manager to hold onto something.   When writing a summary to obtain a finance internship, focus on… Read More »

Film Production Internship Resume

Unless you obtain a film production internship, there is little chance for you to be hired as a film production assistant. First things first – you have to create a resume to apply for an internship. Your resume should highlight your qualifications for the position, such as a degree or diploma in filmmaking or production,… Read More »

Film Production Internship Cover Letter

Film Production Internship Cover Letter Writing Tips A cover letter to apply for an internship will require you to do your best. Since you are applying for an internship, it is obvious that you do not have much experience in that area. But it does not mean that you do not have skills. In fact,… Read More »

Export Trainee Resume Objectives

When it is time to write a resume to be considered for an export trainee position, the objective needs to be thought about first. Look at it this way – the objective is read before anything else is, and hence, holds a lot of importance. What exactly do you put into a resume objective for… Read More »

Front Office Intern Job Description for Resume

As a front office intern, you’ll be learning a lot. In fact, working in this position will acquaint you with a great deal of office work, not just related to the front office. Typically, the job of a front desk intern is to greet visitors and handle their queries. Since they are in the learning… Read More »

Computer Science Intern Interview Questions & Answers

When appearing for an interview for a computer science intern position, you must focus on the answers that you will give. Even though interviewers won’t be too hard on you at this time since you are just starting out, you have to prepare as if they will be. In particular, it is important to focus… Read More »

Computer Science Intern Job Description for Resume

Position Overview A computer science intern will join an organization to learn the ropes and contribute as well. The basic idea behind hiring interns in this capacity is to help managers and other staff members in resolving technical issues. As a computer science intern, you will be asked to handle a lot of small, as… Read More »