Top 10 Fashion Internship Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: June 23, 2020

A fashion internship resume objective should be written to impress the hiring manager.

As an applicant for this position, you must highlight your specific skills in designing and assisting with the production of clothing, shoes, and accessories. You must write a resume objective to suggest that you understand colors, fabrics, and prints properly.

When writing a resume objective for a fashion internship position, you must focus on your knowledge of conducting market research, the ability to review products for style and fit. Showing that you can ensure that your designed products are correlated with business strategies is important as well.

It is important to realize that a fashion intern’s resume objective has to be straightforward, and informative. The ability to select seasonal themes, and make edits to lines is important to show in your objectives. Equally important is to keep the resume objective short, but full of skills information.

A list of resume objectives for a fashion intern position is provided here:

10 Sample Objectives for Fashion Internship Resume

1. A highly talented individual with excellent knowledge of producing concepts, and making sketches by hand or computer. Presently seeking as a Fashion Intern position at Venus Fashions.

2. Seeking a challenging internship position at ABC Fashion Company. Bringing excellent skills in studying fashion trends, and anticipating designs that will appeal to customers.

3. To work as a fashion design intern at Stitchfix. Offering demonstrated expertise in electing fabric and trims and deciding collection themes.

4. A recently graduated fashion student, with exceptional skills in developing design ideas, currently looking for a position at HSN Studios.

5. Seeking a fashion internship at a renowned organization. Unmatched ability to remain updated with fashion trends, and general trends in clothing. Effectively able to develop and maintain relations withs sales, buying, and production teams.

6. Desire a position as a Fashion Intern at Tech Style Fashion Group. Offering proven ability to analyze designs from technical perspectives, involving pattern production and design specifications.

7. Fashion design intern with full of energy and enthusiasm looking for a challenging position. Solid track record of efficiently searching, selecting, and purchasing fabric, trims, fastenings, and embellishments. Able to develop patterns to use for sample garments.

8. Passionate individual, with exceptional knowledge of drawing, sketching, and planning designs for fashion apparel and accessories. Hoping to acquire a position at TentraFashions.

9. Seeking a fashion intern position. Leveraging the ability to research fashion trends and competition information. Able to market and sell fashion designs to retailers and customers. Competent in advertising products, meeting distributors, and creating manufacturing plans.

10. To work as a Fashion Intern at Delta Fashion Street. Eager to apply well-placed skills in identifying new opportunities relevant to the company’s customer base, through efficient market research. Unmatched ability to managing new designs, while maintaining corporate standards for bulk production.

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