QA Intern Resume Sample

Updated on: January 18, 2023

QA stands for quality assurance. QA interns and professionals are hired by many firms.

The purpose of this position, as the name suggests, is to help QA managers that the services being delivered meet certain prescribed quality and that the policies are being implemented and adhered to.

The QA intern position calls for strong analytical skills, a keen eye for detail, and effective communication skills. The job description varies with the kind of firm seeking the services of a QA intern.

QA interns may also be asked to keep inventories and provide administrative assistance as needed, so numeracy skills and time management are also crucial for a QA intern.

How to Write a Resume for QA Intern Position?

Resume writing can be a challenging task especially if you are writing one for the first time. Here are a few helpful tips in this regard:

1. Keep your resume short, nobody reads a resume that’s longer than one page.
2. Choose a format that is appealing to the eyes and easy to read.
3. Tailor your resume to suit the potential employer’s needs by arranging your skills in a manner that suits their needs.
4. Use strong and industry-specific keywords in your resume summary to give a powerful impact.

Here is a School QA Intern resume sample for your guidance:

QA Intern Resume Sample

Jacob Stanley
349 Industrial Avenue
Tampa FL 7777
(000) 111 -5555
Jacob .stanley @

Detail-oriented and customer service-focused QA Intern, seeking to join ABC Company. Bringing strong knowledge of quality assurance, policy implementation, inventory keeping, and administrative assistance.

• Adept at generating quality assessment reports using Excel and MS word along with rectifications and suggestions.
• Well-versed in carrying out quality checks of samples drawn at various stages of production.
• Trained in balancing inventories and validating the same.
• Knowledgeable of applicable OSHA workplace safety guidelines.
• Proficient in maintaining social media pages and keeping track of customer feedback.


QA Intern
River Dale Garments, Tampa FL
Jun 2022- Jan 2023
• Collected and checked samples for Quality Assurance.
• Identified faults and defects in the samples.
• Maintained and balanced the stock inventory on regular basis.
• Assisted the management in administrative tasks.
• Obtained and studied customer feedback regarding the products and generated weekly reports accordingly.
• Checked the process at various stages to ascertain the implementation of policy and applicable workplace safety guidelines.
• Observed the senior QA professionals and took notes of various QA techniques they used.

Current Driver’s license holder

Associate Degree in Business Administration
JF School of business, Tampa, FL

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