10 Architecture Internship Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: August 11, 2022

The main purpose of a career objective statement is to communicate the intent of your resume.

An architectural internship is an entry-level role which means that you don’t have much to showcase in terms of experience. In such a scenario, make the best of your skills and competencies.

How to Write a Great Objective for Architecture Internship Position?

Here are some tips to highlight your value effectively in your architecture internship resume.

  1. Add the name of the company where you are applying at.
  2. Mention the skill set you offer.
  3. Clearly state the exact position title.
  4. Show your passion to work for the employer.

Architecture Internship Resume Objective Examples

1. Passionate architecture graduate with a keen eye for details, seeking an architecture internship at Yale Construction Company where my knowledge and skills can be put to practical use.

2. Diligent and detail-oriented Architecture student with a focus on renewable energy, sustainability, and reduction of ecological footprint, eager to join King Builders as an architecture intern.

3. Highly motivated Architecture student seeking an architecture internship with Hilton Homes. Self-starter with a great passion for sustainable construction and green building designs.

4. Poised to obtain an architecture intern position with JB Builders. Offering 4 years of formal training in floor plan drawing, map layouts and elevation works.

5. Fresh architecture graduate with a unique skill set, in hope of getting on board with the green Builders as an architect intern and expanding my existing knowledge base through meaningful practice in the field.

6. Energetic and proactive architecture graduate seeking an internship role with Green Builders. Bringing firsthand knowledge in designing and interpreting blueprints, construction concepts, and environmental impact analysis.

7. Skillful and methodical architecture graduate, excited to utilize my competencies at Good Day Builders in the capacity of an architecture intern.

8. Focus-driven and certified architecture graduate, seeking a challenging internship role with Fair Fax Construction. Offering expertise in Auto CAD and BIM models, special interest in designing eco-friendly high-rise building concepts.

9. Recent architecture graduate, excited to join Kings Construction in the capacity of architecture internee where my skills and knowledge can be utilized for the benefit of the employer.

10. Energetic individual with a bachelor’s degree in architecture, passionate to join the workforce through the platform of Jackson Holdings as an architecture intern. Apt at making connections between building components, dimensions, and depths while catering to the client’s preferences.

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