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Computer Science Intern Resume Sample

Thinking of applying for a computer science intern position? Great. But first, you have to prepare a resume for it. A resume for this position will focus on the individual’s capabilities, rather than experience. While it is important to make your resume comprehensive, there is no need to put in anything which is not associated… Read More »

Photography Intern Cover Letter Sample

Write a cover letter, and you might get an interview. Write a good one, and you are sure to get the job! Focusing on what you write in a Photography Intern cover letter is important. If you want to obtain the job of your dreams, it is imperative that you put in a lot of… Read More »

Photography Intern Job Description

Position Overview A photography intern is an individual who is just learning the ropes of photography. This individual may be hired to provide a photographer or a unit of photographers with assistance in handling assignments related to photography. During an internship of this sort, an individual learns a lot about handling different types of photography… Read More »

Photography Intern Resume Sample

When one is applying for a Photography Intern position, they are required to create a resume that is truly mind-boggling. Unfortunately, at this stage one does not have a lot to say as far as professional prowess is concerned. However, one can make one’s skills and qualifications come alive on the resume, making it the… Read More »

Photography Intern Interview Questions and Answers

An interview for the Photography Intern position cannot be taken with a pinch of salt. It is serious business, and you have to prepare for it. Here is a set to help you prepare for yours:     Photography Intern Interview Questions and Answers Why did you choose to do photography? I had loved photography… Read More »

Law Firm Intern Job Description

A law firm intern or a legal intern is an individual who is hired to provide administrative and clerical assistance to law offices. They are eligible to work after successful completion of their law degrees, although some might even be hired during their degree program. The work of a law firm intern is quite basic,… Read More »

Law Firm Intern Interview Questions and Answers

The interview process can be quite a thing to deal with, even if you are a seasoned interviewee. When you’re not, it is even more difficult. But do not fret – instead, go through the following set of interview questions and answers for a law firm intern position:   Law Firm Intern Interview Questions and… Read More »

Law Firm Intern Resume Sample

Law firms are always looking for interns who are energetic and motivated with the ability to work efficiently in a busy environment with their team. They prefer college students or applicants with a college degree; Proficiency in MS Office, Adobe, and interest in the legal field is a prerequisite for this position. Law Firm Intern… Read More »

Law Firm Intern Cover Letter Sample

Writing a cover letter for an internship position is not much different from writing one for a regular one. The only difference that may come about is that in the former case, there is lack of experience, which leads to one thinking hard about what to write. How does one handle a situation such as… Read More »

Biology Internship Resume Sample

It is often quite a nerve-wracking experience to write a resume when you are doing it for the first time. But since all of us have to begin somewhere, it is essential to give it a go. Even when you are applying for an internship, your resume does need to do the rounds on a… Read More »