Apple or Microsoft Intern Resume Sample

Updated on: September 10, 2019

So, it is time to apply for an internship at Apple or Microsoft! Nervous? Don’t be.

You have a great chance of being hired if your resume is on par with the requirements of the employer.


If an internship position has opened up, it makes sense to read up on the job description to determine what is required. And then, write your resume accordingly.

In your resume for an intern position at Apple or Microsoft, make sure that you highlight the fact that your degree program has taught you a lot about information technology – or in any other capacity that you may be applying in.

To see how you can write your very first resume to apply for an internship at Microsoft / Apple, take a look at the following sample:


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Apple/Microsoft Intern Resume Sample


Carry Simmons
2013 Athena Road, Buffalo, NY90489
(000) 999-9999


Highly motivated individual, with extensive interest in technology and administration. Exceptionally talented in handling software and hardware metrics. Deep familiarity with managing administrative tasks in sync with technological metrics.

Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology
New York State University, Buffalo, NY – 2019

Award and Honors

• Honored for representing the university at the Annual Technology Expo held in New York City
• Received Best Student Award 3 times in a row, owing to excellent academic and co-curricular progress

Academic Achievements

• Consistently remained on top of the class for the entirety of the degree program
• Chosen as the only student to represent the university at a technological fair in 5 states, due to excellence in academics


  • Software Development
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Network Handling
  • Troubleshooting
  • Bugs Handling
  • Downtime Minimization
  • Research
  • Support Provision


New York State University, Buffalo, NY | 2/2019 – 5/2019

• Installed software on office computers and ensured that it was timely updated
• Set up networks (WANs and LANs) in university offices, libraries, classrooms, and club rooms
• Assisted users in determining system operations
• Performed updates on different platforms
• Assisted with database handling and data entry work
• Troubleshoot issues such as problems with networks and connectivity
• Documented problems and resolutions according to protocol

English, French, and Italian

• Worked as a volunteer at Sava Senior Care for 6 months in 2018
• Led a team event to clean Buffalo city, as part of the Save Earth campaign

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