Special Achievements for a Dental Assistant Resume

Updated on: May 20, 2019

It is no secret that a list of accomplishments in a previous dental assistant role can make a huge difference in your resume being taken seriously or filed away.

For people who have something to say about their achievements, it is always recommended to list them in a resume and that too in a manner that will wow a prospective employer.


The work of a dental assistant is challenging and requires excellent insight into the job. They go through a lot of training before they can hold down a position.

To be precise, dental assistants provide support to dentists in handling dental procedures.

This support may include setting up examination rooms, sterilizing instruments, and creating plastic molds of teeth.

This is not all; dental assistants are also administrative professionals who handle a dentist’s office, greet patients, and manage records and appointments.


So what could be listed as an accomplishment of a dental assistant?

There are many accomplishment statements that you can write when preparing a resume for the dental assistant position.

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Below are some samples that might interest you:


Sample Achievements for Dental Assistant Resume

• Introduced a new Dental Education System to assist patients and families in understanding the core dental procedures of the facility.

• Overhauled the dental records system by introducing online registration and appointments systems, bringing administrative costs down by $40000.

• Streamlined dental instruments sterilization procedures by adding a sophisticated sterilizing machine which decreased the processing time by 55%.

• Implemented a patient billing procedure which automatically took information from patient profiles and printed invoices in a real-time manner.

• Reigned in a roller coaster surgical procedure by filling in for a dentist who could not be present for the surgery at the eleventh hour.

• Replaced the facility’s suction machinery with a state of the art machine, thereby increasing chairside efficiency by 90%.

• Trained 15 new dental assistants as part of their training for deployment to 5 dental surgeons within the facilities.

• Published a paper on effective ways of preventing cavities and coronal polishing techniques, which were published in the Dentistry Weekly.

• Implemented POMR charting format to record dental findings and retrieve them promptly.

• Reduced facility costs by 30000$ by ordering “without expiry” dental supplies in bulk from a low-cost and high-quality vendor.


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