Dental Assistant Job Description for Resume

March 8, 2018

Dental health is critical to every individual. Everyone is expected to visit a dentist at least two times a year.

It is unfortunate that many people are terrified of dentists despite the many benefits that they provide to their patients.

A dentist’s work is challenging; the presence of a dental assistant helps immensely.

These professionals provide chair side support to dentists by handing instruments and materials to assist them in procedures. They also help them in taking and processing x-rays and making casts for dentures and braces.

Dental assistants need to get formal training from colleges or vocational schools.

In addition, they also receive on-the-job training under the supervision of an experienced dentist. They also perform all kinds of administrative duties such as greeting patients and taking preliminary information, assisting patients with filling out information forms and explaining dental procedures to patients.

When applying for a job as a dental assistant, you need to ensure that you understand what the job demands of you. This information will also be helpful when preparing a resume or appearing in an interview.

Below is detailed job description and duties that a dental assistant is expected to perform during a typical working day.

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Sample Job Description for Dental Assistant Resume

• Greet patients as they arrive and take initial information regarding the purpose of visit

• Assist in filling out patient information forms

• Educate patients on dental procedures

• Assist patients to the procedure room

• Fill in dentist with patients’ preliminary information

• Assist in interviewing patients

• Assist dentist in the administration of procedures

• Maintain a sanitized environment at all times

• Pass instruments to the dentist

• Sterilize and prepare instruments

• Prepare material such as fillings

• Polish clinical crowns

• Take and process dental x-rays

• Pour, trim and polish study casts

• Provide information to patients regarding plaque control and oral hygiene

• Maintain inventory of dental supplies

• Teach patients concerning the proper use of toothbrushes and floss

• Instruct patients on post-operative care

• Perform a variety of office management tasks

• Perform teeth cleaning procedures

• Schedule appointments and manage billing services

• Complete insurance forms and maintain patients’ records

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