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Dental Assistant Intern Resume Sample

It will be a great move ahead if you can gain an intern position in a dental assistance capacity. But first things first.   You have to write a resume for a dental assistant position if you want to gain the job. And your resume cannot be run of the mill. It has to focus… Read More »

Dental Assistant Intern Cover Letter Sample

It is always challenging to determine what to write in your cover letter for a dental assistant intern position. Since experience is not something that you can rely on, one feels the pressure considerably.   However, it is possible to write a great cover letter without depending on experience. As an intern in this capacity,… Read More »

Dentist Skills for Resume

There is no way that you can consider a resume for a dentist position to be complete unless the skills section is present. This will show the hiring manager what your capabilities are in the role of a dentist. And will eventually help decide how great a contender you are for the job.   However,… Read More »

Dentist Resume Sample

A dentist’s resume must be informative if the candidate wants to obtain the job. This is especially important because a hiring authority will factor in the resume from all ends, before considering the individual as a possible candidate.     At the time that you begin writing your resume for a dental position, ask yourself… Read More »

Dentist Cover Letter Sample

Patients visit dentists when they are distressed about a dental problem. It only makes sense to hire a dentist who knows his or her work and can expertly deliver dentistry services.   And if you are in the process of applying for a dentist position, it is important that your cover letter is well developed,… Read More »

Dental Office Assistant Resume Sample

The work of a dental office assistant falls under the broader category of administrative assistants. But a dental office assistant does things a little differently. At this position, one’s main work is to ensure that the dental office that one is representing operates in a smooth manner and that any issues or problems are resolved… Read More »

Dental Office Assistant Job Description for Resume

Dental office assistants ensure that the front end of the dental office is managed in a proper manner. This will include making sure that appointments are scheduled and followed up on, and that patient inflow is handled in a proper manner. Also, it is the job of a dental office assistant to make sure that… Read More »

Dental Office Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

It is one of the most difficult of things to appear for a Dental Office Assistant interview. But since you cannot get out of one as this is the path that you need to tread to gain a job, we suggest that you practice by going through the following set of interview questions and answers.… Read More »

Dental Assistant Cover Letter with Little Experience

A Dental Assistant cover letter is your only chance to make it big with a prospective employer. When you write a cover letter, your main focus should be on how well you fit into the organization where you will be working – hopefully. The cover letter needs to possess information about your knowledge about the… Read More »