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Dental Assistant Letter of Interest Sample

Letters of interest for the dental assistant positions are more or less the same as cover letters – with a small difference. A cover letter is usually written in response to an advertisement. On the other hand, a letter of interest is written when a job opening is not obvious but a candidate wants to… Read More »

Dental Assistant Recommendation and Reference Letter Sample

Recommendation letters for the Dental Assistant position serve to provide credence to ex-employee skills and experience to assist him in attaining a new job. Since people apply to many companies at the same time, recommendation letters should not be addressed to any particular person. That’s the reason most recommendation letters have a “To Whom It… Read More »

Top 17 Dental Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Dental assistants provide chair-side support to dentists. They work in the dental department of hospitals and clinics where their work includes setting up examination rooms, preparing and sterilizing instruments, preparing teeth molds, and managing dental records. They are also instrumental in dental procedures since they need to take dental x-rays and ensure timely development of… Read More »

Dental Assistant Accomplishments for Resume

Dental assistants help dentists in performing a variety of dental and administrative work. They greet patients, provide them with information regarding dental practice’s services, take patients’ information and history, and communicate the same to the dentist. Besides that, they are expected to provide chairside support to dentists as well. This support may include handing dental instruments… Read More »

Dental Assistant Job Description and Duties for Resume

Dental health is critical to every individual. Everyone is expected to visit a dentist at least two times a year. A dentist’s work is challenging; the presence of a dental assistant helps immensely. Dental Assistant Job Description Dental assistants provide chairside support to dentists by handing instruments and materials to assist them in procedures. They also… Read More »

Top 8 Dental Assistant Resume Objectives Examples

Dental assistants provide dentists with support in routine dental procedures and office work. They usually work in dental facilities but may also be found working in hospitals that provide dental treatment services. Apart from giving chairside help to dentists, they are required to perform clerical and administrative work which may include scheduling appointments and providing… Read More »

Sample Skills for Dental Assistant Resume

A dental assistant, also called a dental hygienist, performs many tasks in the dental facility utilizing a unique set of skills. If you want to get a job as a Dental Assistant, you need to highlight specific skills in the ‘Skills’ or ‘Qualifications’ section of your resume. You must also have a compassionate nature because you’re… Read More »