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Dental Assistant Externship Job Description, Duties & Responsibilities

Dental Assistant Externship Job Description A dental externship is considered an essential part of a dental degree program as it provides students with valuable, real-time information on working in a dental facility. Both internships and externships are quite alike as they both provide dental students with an opportunity to work in a dental facility while… Read More »

Dental Assistant Recommendation and Reference Letter Sample

Recommendation letters for the Dental Assistant position serve to provide credence to ex-employee skills and experience to assist him in attaining a new job. Since people apply to many companies at the same time, recommendation letters should not be addressed to any particular person. That’s why most recommendation letters have a “To Whom It May… Read More »

Top 17 Dental Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Dental assistants provide chair-side support to dentists. They work in the dental department of hospitals and clinics where their work includes setting up examination rooms, preparing and sterilizing instruments, preparing teeth molds, and managing dental records. They are also instrumental in dental procedures since they need to take dental x-rays and ensure timely development of… Read More »