Dental Administrative Assistant Job Description

March 20, 2018

Position Overview

A dental administrative assistant does not perform the same duties as a dental assistant. The former’s work description includes clerical and administrative functions primarily, while the latter also helps with dental procedures.

As a dental administrative assistant, you must make sure that all operations of dental practice or office are appropriately handled, so that patients are provided with a professional environment.

Position Requirements

Most dental practices do not require beyond a high school diploma or a GED equivalent to qualify for a dental administrative assistant position.

Of course, some experience in a clerical or administrative capacity is welcomed by employers.

Working as a dental administrative means that you have to possess some important traits, including the ability to handle scheduling work, manage follow-ups, and ensure that the front desk of the dental practice is appropriately managed.

Moreover, you will need to be highly organized, and possess the ability to manage inventory of both office and dental supplies, along with a great ability to carry out activities associated with billing and insurance.

Your skills in managing office records and files must be exceptional, and creating and maintaining records, and overseeing filing systems will be all in a day’s work for you.

Here is a list of Dental Administrative Assistant duties that you will be expected to perform.

Dental Administrative Assistant Duties & Responsibilities

• Great patients as they arrive at the dental practice, and inquire into their purpose of visit.

• Take preliminary patient interview to determine dental issues, and past dental histories, and record all information accurately.

• Obtain patient information such as demographics, and create appropriate files.

• Schedule appointments for patients over the telephone and in person, and provide them with reminders.

• Provide follow-up to patients, to ensure that they do not miss their appointments.

• Ascertain that canceled appointments are replaced with those on the waiting list.

• Obtain patients’ insurance information, and ensure that coverage is verified, by contacting insurance companies through the telephone, and emails.

• Manage patient inflow, ensuring that appropriate volume is maintained, through proper scheduling.

• Oversee office and dental supplies inventory, and communicate low stock situations to the office manager.

• Keep dentists and dental assistants aware of changes in schedules, to ensure that they can plan their work accordingly.

• Create and maintain records of patients, ensuring that they are updated on a regular basis.

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