Domestic Maid Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated November 29, 2020
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Domestic Maid

Domestic Maid Job Description

Domestic maids work at the employer’s home and are an essential part of the household they work for. Busy household owners employ full-time or part time-maids to assist them in managing the domestic tasks appropriately.

Domestic maids perform many duties such as kitchen management, laundry, cleaning, mopping, and looking after children.

On a broader scale, domestic maids clean floors, counters, bathrooms, dishes and wash clothes.

In addition, they perform ironing duties and ensure that clothes are correctly folded. Domestic maids also shop for groceries, cook meals, and prepare snacks.

If you are interested in obtaining a domestic maid position, the following job duties will help you build a cover letter or resume for a domestic maid position.

Domestic Maid Job Description for Resume

• Wash clothes and linen
• Iron clothes and fold and arrange them in closets
• Maintain kitchen in terms of decorum and cleanliness
• Ensure that utensils, dishes, and flatware are washed and dried properly
• Ensure that pantries are stocked at all times
• Make sure that all counters are cleaned and polished
• Mop and sweep floors and wash bathrooms
• Vacuum and shampoo rugs and carpets
• Strip beds of dirty linen and make beds using fresh ones
• Empty trash cans and ashtrays and deliver trash to trash receptacles
• Dust and polish furniture
• Maintain lawn if required
• Babysit children, and assist elderly people
• Cook meals and prepare snacks for children and family
• Shop for groceries and pay bills
• Run errands when requested by the family
• Perform minor repairs inside the house
• Report hazardous situations to the employer or homeowner immediately
• Manage grocery budgets appropriately
• Keep track of food and supplies inventory