Construction Laborer Job Description for Resume

Updated on: September 20, 2018

Physically agile people who take pleasure in hard work often choose construction as a career. Construction laborers perform many duties on a job site such as aiding in building projects. Since there are many types of construction work that they may be involved in, construction laborers are expected to possess some knowledge of each construction arena.

Construction laborers are involved in making buildings and highways. They are expected to prepare sites by cleaning, removing debris and digging required trenches to ensure that construction work can take place. They operate forklifts, concrete mixers and other equipment to help them perform their job effectively. They also assist in actual construction work by assembling structures and taking them down when instructed.

If you like working hard, you will find working as a construction laborer interesting. Depending on your interest, you may choose to work on road construction sites or building ones – or both. Either way, you will be expected to perform some tasks that are common to both types of constructions. Since physical agility is a prerequisite of this job, employers prefer applicants who are tireless and dedicated.

Take a look at some tasks that a construction laborer is expected to perform on a typical workday. These sample phrases will help you build a resume or cover letter for construction laborer position.


Job Description for a Construction Laborer Resume

• Prepare sites to ensure maximum optimization of construction work procedures
• Clean debris, trash and hazardous materials from construction sites
• Dig trenches and pour concrete as instructed
• Assist in installing sewerage pipes and drains
• Operate forklifts to transport materials and equipment from one place to another on a construction site
• Erect temporary structures and scaffolding
• Place traffic signs to warn traffic of construction in process
• Clean and maintain construction equipment appropriately
• Align structural components according to blueprints
• Perform roadside maintenance tasks such as trimming trees and clearing shrubs
• Load and unload equipment from trucks
• Drive trucks carrying materials and equipment from warehouse to sites
• Fill potholes to facilitate the construction process
• Ensure that all work is being done in compliance with the company’s protocols
• Train apprentices and new hires in construction labor work
• Use hand tools to cut and shape material as per instructions