How to Write a Resume for Custodian Position? Complete Guidance

Updated on: July 2, 2020

Same as an advertisement, custodian resumes are a great tool to sell your skills. A resume that is strong enough to gain an employer’s attention from the very first sentence is a dream come true – not only for the candidate but for a prospective employer too.

Let’s face it – sorting through hundreds of resumes to choose a few good ones can be an incredibly jarring job and if it is made easy, well, who wouldn’t want to see a resume like that!

Technically, resumes are a great way of communicating your skills and experience for a Custodian job.

Since you do not get second chances to impress the employer (well, not the same employer at least), it is essential to write a good one on the first go.

There are many dos and don’ts of writing a resume for custodian position but let us not dwell on that.

In order to write a custodian resume, you need to figure out your related skills and core competencies like cleaning and mopping floors, dusting surfaces, polishing the furniture, and washing down restrooms.

Now that you know your skills, let’s see what you can write in different parts of a resume that tells an employer what makes you an exceptional candidate:

Custodian Resume Format and Sections

Professional Summary

Writing a resume summary or profile is very important. This is the first part of your resume and will provide a concise picture of what your mettle as a custodian is.

The good idea is to put in the information of how much knowledge you have of cleaning procedures and which areas your expertise is in.

Related Achievements

As a custodian, you may want to provide a prospective employer with information on how well you worked in a position.

Mention of accomplishments akin to being named Employee of the Year or your floor being dubbed the cleanest may do the trick!

Work Information

It is imperative to list the duties that you have performed in the custodian’s role.

The more relevant information you write, the better your chances of acquiring an interview become.

Core Skills

The work of a custodian comes under the skilled category, which means you will need to highlight your custodial skills in handling this position properly.

Knowledge of mixing detergents safely, maintaining cleaning equipment properly, and the ability to “work without being seen” may be what the employer is looking for!


While there are no formal education requirements for the position of a custodian, you must write something under the education section.

Employers need to know that you possess a high school diploma or a GED at the very least when you apply for a custodian’s position.

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