How to Write 2-Weeks’ Notice Email? | Complete Guidance

Updated on: April 7, 2022

Resigning is difficult enough; sending an email to let your boss know that you will be leaving your job in two weeks is even more so.

While most people believe that writing a resignation letter is the only way to provide notice of your intent to leave, writing an email is as effective.

Sending letters may be time-taking, and waiting for an answer can be arduous as you may be looking for quick acknowledgment. In such a case, writing an email is your best option.

However, there is still the question of writing an email to your boss, providing him with two weeks’ notice of your intention to leave your job.

Most companies have a strict one-month policy where notice periods are concerned, but some may even provide leeway where notice is concerned.

If you have no choice but to provide a two weeks notice of your intention to leave, well, you need to write a solid email!

After all, if you quit on a two weeks’ notice, new employers may wonder if you would do the same to them as well. So you have to be extremely tactful.

How to Write 2-Weeks’ Notice Email?

1. Be articulate when writing a notice email

The first couple of lines need to be clear and concise – state why you are leaving and the notice period that you will be providing to your employer.

Refrain from writing statements that may suggest that you are unsure of how long a notice period you are providing or that you are willing to stay longer if your employer insists.

2. Avoid writing statements that can result in an employer getting on the defensive side

You may have problems at work due to which you want to leave on such short notice, but you cannot write that in the email.

While we do not suggest that you lie about your reason to leave, it is always a good idea to mince your words a little.

3. Be friendly yet formal

Don’t know how to be friendly and formal at the same time?

It is not too difficult. Remember that you are sending your resignation on very short notice, so you need to make up for that in case your employer feels displeased at your action.

You must thank your employer for providing you with an opportunity to work and grow and refrain from writing vague statements such as “thanks for everything.”

Remember to set the tone for your two weeks’ notice email positively – refrain from badmouthing anyone or blaming company policies for your reason to quit so suddenly!