How to Write a Cover Letter for a Security Job? Complete Guidance

Updated on: April 8, 2022

Cover letters for security jobs are not merely for “completing” application papers.

They hold a lot of importance as they provide employers with information on your skills and how you intend to or have used them to be successful security personnel.

There might be lots of information that we cannot express in resumes; it is up to us to write effective cover letters so that we can get our points across to prospective employers.

If you want to impress a prospective employer, you will need to make sure that you write a fully customized cover letter.

It is because different companies require a different set of skills and experience and it is important to take each piece of information into account when writing a cover letter.

Of course, there are different protocols for different types of positions; a cover letter for a security officer job will require information about the candidate’s physical agility and experience in providing security services.

So what will a cover letter for the position of a security official include?

Let us see how we may write one:

Salutation and Introduction

You need to find out who will be interviewing you and make sure that your cover letter is addressed to that individual.

If you found out about a particular vacancy for a security professional’s position from a newspaper, mention your source.

You do not have to be too “job-specific” in this section, but you do have to provide information about how you found out about a specific position and a little bit about your ability to fit in.

Main Body

The main body usually consists of no more than a couple of paragraphs outlining one’s ability to perform the job duties charted out in a job description.

A security officer may want to provide information such as knowledge of using security and surveillance equipment and the ability to diffuse potentially dangerous situations. You may also want to write about your capability of dealing with emergency situations effectively.

In this section, you can also talk about your accomplishments; mention of a potentially problematic situation that you handled by employing analytic and critical thinking skills will come in handy.

Some keywords for a position in the security arena consist of “investigative abilities,” “attention to detail,” “problem resolution skills” and “exceptional communication skills.”

Using these will give you an edge over the competition, so try and fit these in your cover letter.


Goodbye is not all that you need to say here. You can reiterate your security skills and knowledge in one sentence and provide the reader with your contact information.

To show that you are proactive (another attribute a security professional must possess), ask for a possible interview date and time. Also, thank the reader for his or her time in reviewing your application.

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