Custodian Cover Letter Example

Updated on July 29, 2018

The task of custodian cover letter writing might be overwhelming if you are confused about what to write and how to organize information.

To build a compelling cover letter, you should ensure that you provide only relevant information to pique the employer’s interest – and leave the rest for your resume to do.

The following is a great cover letter sample for custodian resume or job application.



Custodian Cover Letter Sample



69 West 9th Street
High, TX 59663

July 29, 2018

Ms. Sara Raymond
Hiring Executive
Sioux Falls School District
36 Some Street
High, TX 63328


Dear Ms. Raymond:

I came across your job listing for a Custodian and figured out that I possess the right skills to perform this job efficiently. Please find my resume enclosed with this letter for your perusal.

I have been working as a cleaner at the City Mall for three months and acquired the necessary knowledge to be able to work in any environment. I have a thorough understanding of using different types of detergents and other chemicals while maintaining the safety precautions. In my current place of work, I am recognized for my talents in mopping, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms and performing minor repair and maintenance work. Besides, I am highly skilled in using buff machines and other equipment used in cleaning procedure.

My following talents make me the best candidate:

✓ Demonstrated multicultural competence.
✓ Ability to communicate effectively in English and Spanish.
✓ Exceptional leadership and interpersonal skills.
✓ Known to establish and maintain productive working relationships with the staff, clients and the general public.
✓ Competent at organizing, setting priorities and following tasks through to completion.

As an enthusiastic Custodian, I would like to meet with you with the intention to discuss this position in detail. I will follow up in a few days and may be reached at (000) 149-2541 if needed.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I anticipate a call from your office soon.



Ramone Luigi

Enc. Resume

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