How to Write the Best Cover Letter in 2022? Complete Guidance

Updated on: January 21, 2022

The trend of asking for a cover letter to accompany the job seeker’s resume has rapidly increased during the last few years. 

In fact, cover letters in 2022 will become mandatory for every job application. Therefore, no resume will be considered complete if not accompanied by a cover letter.

A successful cover letter doesn’t need any rich formatting, graphics, or borders.

The main ingredient required to make a successful letter in 2022 is relevance. Therefore, make your letter short and highly relevant.

Remember the 2-Cs of cover letters while writing one. That is to say, ‘concise’ and ‘connected.’

How to Write the Best Cover Letter in 2022

Targeted and Tailored

Today’s job application is considered incomplete without targeted cover letters.

Target cover letters, as the name suggests, focus on a particular job at a specific organization by mentioning a specific skill set.

Writing a separate and fully customized cover letter for each position will help you build the best cover letter in 2022.

Concise and connected

There is an increasing trend of shortening the overall length of cover letters.

The length considered ideal was typically one to two pages in the past years. In 2022, three-fourths of a page with short and smartly connected sentences will be enough.

Do not waste precious space by stating irrelevant skills and stories.

Tabular and bulleted formats

Objectivity in the main body or second paragraph is appreciated. Employers like to see a comparison table in the second paragraph. That said, qualifications listed in bullet form and discussed one-by-one also lead to the right impression.

Unique introductions and endings

As competition for each job position is continually increasing, it is strongly recommended to open and close the letter in an inspiring manner to create a strong and lasting impression.

Remember, your letter’s opening and ending, both need to be different from the other applicants to get noticed in the year 2022.


Cover letters in 2022 are getting more and more personalized, unlike the resume.

Personalization in terms of cover letter writing is translated as using the employer’s name directly and being frank, straightforward, and confident yet formal in stating the ways you intend to benefit the prospective employer.

Professional Cover letter writing services

Numerous professional cover writing services offer professional letter writing at very reasonable rates.

There is no harm in trying one of these for assistance.

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