Letter of Interest for Custodian Position

Letters of interest for custodian positions need to concentrate on the applicants’ ability to handle a huge array of cleaning and maintenance tasks around a company. As a custodian, you will be responsible for making a company or a school look good from the outside and from within. Needless to say, the position of a custodian is deemed important to any organization as it is custodians who are behind the spic and span look of an organization. This is why, people applying for custodian positions need to be able to highlight what they can do in this position.

A letter of interest is primarily written to inquire about a possible position in a company (when one may not have been advertised). In essence, this kind of letter is much like a custodian cover letter – with a little difference. In your letter, you will chart out how you found out about an unadvertised position or if you are applying blindly. It also possess details of the candidate’s skills and accomplishments. You will need to enclose your resume with your letter and you can make a reference to it in your letter if you deem it necessary.

Please refer below for a sample letter of interest for a custodian position:


Letter of Interest for Custodian Position


February 1, 2015

Mr. Justin Myres
Hernandez Inc.
289 Hopkins Avenue
Cleveland, TN 82938


Dear Mr. Myres:

I have recently come to know about your search for a team of custodians for Hernandez Inc. and I would like to offer my services. I have enclosed my resume for your reference so that you can see how well I am suited for this position.

As you will see on the enclosed resume, I am presently working as a custodian for Quincy Corporation. My work here is quite intense and this intensity has taught me the many ways in which a custodian can ensure good worth ethics in this role- which eventually lead to success in handling much of the complex custodial duties. The office of Quincy Corporation is quite big and I am part of a small team of custodial staff that handles cleaning and maintenance duties on three floors.

I have worked in a custodial capacity for ten years and have much experience in both corporate and academic environments. I am knowledgeable about safely mixing and using cleaning products and have also led a cleaning drive coined Clean Cleveland in October 2014, which attracted national media coverage.

I am interested in talking to you in more detail about an opportunity at Hernandez Inc. I will be in touch with your office soon and can be reached at (333) 333-3333 if you would like to schedule an interview.

Thank you,



Sean Manning

(Enc: Resume)

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