Position Overview

Janitors or custodians work actively to ensure that office or facility looks clean and tidy all times. You may not see a custodian working around the office too often as they are instructed to work and disappear; however, their work cannot be undermined as it is extremely important to say the least.

Custodians perform many cleaning and maintenance duties in an organization. Some of these duties include mopping spills, vacuuming and shampooing carpets, washing bathrooms and ensuring that all surfaces are sterilized properly. As part of their maintenance duties, custodians fix leaky faucets and pipes and change light bulbs.

Working as a custodian is difficult work as one has to be on one’s feet all the time. With the arrival of each employee or visitor to a building, the chances of dirt become imminent. This is why custodians are forever working to keep the floors clean of foot marks and door knobs clear of finger marks! Having established that working as a custodian is not the easiest of jobs, people working at this position need a lot of skill to be able to meet the demands of everyday work. Let us have a look at what some of these skills may be. These statements are useful for making a resume for custodial position.

List of Custodial Skills

• Well versed in using cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, floor buffers and cleaning compounds
• In depth knowhow of standard cleaning procedures
• Strong background in handling, mixing and using cleaning chemicals in a safe manner
• Proven ability to work for long hours on one’s feet
• Agile to perform physical tasks constantly
• Knowledge of occupational hazards safety rules
• Competent at conducting building inspections to determine signs of vandalism or needed repair work
• Capability of climbing ladders and working at the particular heights
• Exceptional communication skills in order to be able to understand and carry out work orders
• Excellent ability to work in a team-fostered environment with an aim to “get the job done”
• Capability of working in a high-volume environment in locations that warrant continuous contact with the general public
• Familiarity with both general and specific principle of housekeeping procedures and materials
• Extensive experience in handling custodial teams by ensuring that they work towards the company’s cleanliness objective
• Familiar with handling inventory of cleaning supplies with aimed at ensuring availability