Top 6 Custodian Resume Summary Examples

Updated March 23, 2021
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Professional summaries are very important for a custodian resume because they get read first when a potential employer scans a resume. A great professional summary can give you a custodian interview where you can further elaborate on your strengths.

However, a custodian summary that is not well written may not convince the employer properly. This means that any information that you have provided after the summary section will remain unread. Not good!

When writing a professional summary, you need to keep one thing in mind, and that is to provide a short opening of your resume that details your experience and skills as a custodian.

There is so much that you can write in a custodian resume. If you are clear about a custodian job description, you will have no problems writing a professional summary. Here are a few examples:

Professional Summary Examples for Custodian Resume

1. Dependable custodian with five years of successful experience in providing cleaning and maintenance services across a multitude of work environments. Solid knowledge of following cleaning practices by following predefined safety precautions and protocols. Can-do attitude. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

2. Hardworking and friendly individual with 7-year background in custodial capacities. Proficient in handling cleaning and maintenance work inside buildings and on parking lots and grounds. Strong knowledge of mixing cleaning materials by following set safety procedures and conforming to the company’s cleaning regulations. Able to work under pressure to meet tight deadlines.

3. Results-oriented and dedicated custodian with exceptional time management skills aimed at ensuring absolute cleanliness of the premises by employing energy and commitment to each procedure. Core competencies include:
­ – Cleaning and disinfection
­ – Vacuuming, dusting, moping
­ – Trash collection and removal
­ – Furniture arrangement
­ – Records maintenance
­ – Customer service

4. High-performing Custodian with a track record in handling custodial services aimed at providing exceptional cleaning services. Adept at mixing chemicals, detergents, and water in appropriate proportions and in accordance to set safety guidelines. Knowledge of cleaning different parts of the building in keeping with their types such as windows, doors, and mirrors.

5. Devoted professional with a strong background in handling cleaning services such as waxing floors, cleaning surfaces, washing windows, and removing garbage in accordance with appropriate procedural guidelines. Hands-on experience in securing the premises through routine check-ups and ensuring a safe environment for company employees.

Custodian Resume Summary With No Experience

If you have less experience in hand, then you can use the following summary statement.

6. Multi-talented Custodian with a keen desire to perform maintenance services, electrical maintenance support, and handling repair work by following the company’s procedures. Demonstrated ability to prioritize multiple tasks and work effectively in a team environment with advanced knowledge of cleaning products and mixing procedures.

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