School Head Custodian Resume Sample

Updated: April 4, 2018

The main reason anyone of us writes a resume is to put in a lot of information into a single document, allowing hiring managers to seek us out from the lot, because of the information that we have provided.

If this information is not structured correctly, it kills the entire purpose of writing a resume.

Follow the following school head custodian resume sample to see how you can write your own in a structured manner:



School Head Custodian Resume Example



Eugene Braganza
17 West End Road, Paducah, KY 99928
(000) 999-9999
[email protected]


• 11+ years’extensive experience working as a head custodian in a school.
• Highly competent in providing leadership and oversight to custodial staff, ensuring that appropriate procedures are followed.
• Demonstrated ability to make regular inspections of buildings and grounds to determine cleanliness and maintenance requirements.
• Effectively able to provide training and guidance to custodial staff members, to ensure that they work correctly.
• Qualified to schedule and assign cleaning and maintenance work to custodians, and ensuring that they carry them out properly.
• In-depth comprehension of overseeing and handling inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment.


• Staff Oversight • Training and Development • Trash Disposal
• Inventory Management • Records Keeping • Needs Evaluation
• Vendor Liaison • Scheduling • Sanitation Activities
• Premises Security • Student Safety • Disinfection Procedures

• Trained over 60 custodians in handling the intricacies of custodial work, in a school capacity.
• Implemented the concept of signposting, resulting in eliminating on-campus injuries.
• Reduced the cost of obtaining cleaning supplies by 55%, by bringing onboard a less expensive supplier.
• Devised a staff scheduling system, which automatically assigned duties to free staff members, in cases of absenteeism.


School Head Custodian
Kent School System, Paducah, KY | 6/2010 – Present
• Create and implement schedules for custodial staff members, and ensure that they work according to them.
• Assign duties to staff members pertaining to cleaning, mopping, sanitizing, and raking.
• Oversee the work of staff members to ensure that they work according to set protocols.
• Assist custodians with challenging tasks, and provide them with support in handling heavy cleaning work.
• Inspect school buildings to determine cleaning and maintenance needs, and create notes accordingly.
• Oversee school alarm systems to ensure that they are working properly, and are in good working order.
• Create and maintain effective liaison with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely delivery of cleaning equipment and supplies.
• Provide training to new and existing custodians, intending to ensure that their work is never compromised.

Paducah Public School, Paducah, KY | 2/2007 – 5/2010
• Performed cleaning duties by sweeping and mopping floors and other surfaces.
• Mixed and used safe amounts of cleaning and sanitization liquids, ensuring that safety protocols were followed.
• Erected warning signs in wet floors, and provided students with information on using alternate paths.
• Washed and sanitized bathrooms and cafeteria kitchens, and ensured that supplies were timely replenished.
• Raked leaves from the school grounds, and picked up and disposed of litter.

Plainfield Community School, Paducah, KY – 2009
High School Diploma