Custodians are an important part of a janitorial team no matter which industry we talk about. They mop floors, perform minor repairs and manage other more intense housekeeping tasks within the environment that they work in.

On a broader scale, custodians are responsible for dusting furniture an fixtures, wash and disinfect washroom floors and toilets, clean mirrors, empty garbage bins and report damage or acts of vandalism.

People who are thinking of applying for a position in this regard will need to ensure that their resume hold information that can make them eligible for applying for this position. Since a resume objective is what an employer will see in the first instance, it is important to ensure that it depicts a candidate’s interest and qualification for this job.

Look at some examples of resume objective for this position:

Custodian Resume Objectives Examples

• To work as a Custodian for Emerald Heights. Offering expertise in using standard cleaning procedures, chemicals and equipment in order to bring about the best in providing janitorial services.

• Seeking a Custodian position with Core Systems using a track record of providing custodial services in order to manage a clean and tidy office environment.

• Desire a Custodian position at the Diamond Apartments. Offering quality in application of cleaning chemicals and products along with a profound knowledge of cleaning procedures.

• Looking for a position of Custodian at Amway Co. where I may be able to use skills in cleaning, maintenance and repair services in a corporate environment.

• To obtain employment as a Custodian at Acme Inc. where I can utilize my knowledge of cleaning and maintenance services in accordance to the company’s safe practices systems.