Lead Custodian Resume Sample

Updated on July 31, 2015

Sending a resume that is improperly constructed is career suicide. No longer do employers have patience to find plausible information using a microscope when they study resumes. Every piece of information that you want to give to an employer, needs to have an “in your face” quality.

However, there is a difference between a resume being “in your face” and merely “annoying”. You cannot risk annoying someone whom you haven’t met yet, especially a person who might be responsible for giving you a job. So be eloquent in what you write but do not let it go over the top.

Here is a resume sample for a lead custodian position that will tell you exactly how to go about it:


Lead Custodian Resume Sample

Gary Armstrong

673 Bedford Road ● Alexandria, VA 22301 ● (999) 999-9999 ● garmstrong@email.com


SUMMARY: Conscientious with 6+ years’ track record of providing leadership to custodial staff. Known for planning and overseeing custodial work and maintaining a high standard of safety and cleanliness.

• Demonstrated expertise in coordinating cleaning plans and schedules of custodial staff members
• Proficient in inspecting the performance of custodial staff to ensure compliance to cleanliness and maintenance standards
• Well-versed with methods, materials, chemicals and equipment used in custodial work
• Adept at working independently and maintaining a collaborative and positive working environment


• Staff scheduling• Safety standards• Leadership
• Staff Communication• Hazardous materials• Training
• Sanitation• Grounds-keeping• Disinfection
• Alarm systems• Machine operations• Cleaning plans

• Led a marathon cleaning run, during which an entire 12 floor building was cleaned within 6 hours
• Invented a powerful cleaning concoction dubbed “Marty”, which was completely safe for use, owing to all natural ingredients
• Earned high respect for suggesting cooperative communications team building exercises, which resulted in increased work efficiency
• Trained 8 groups of custodial staff within 16 weeks, so that they could be deployed to a newly opened office building


SHAMROCK FOODS COMPANY, Alexandria, VA | 5/2010 to Present
Lead Custodian
• Determine custodial staffing needs and figure out which staff members are suitable for what type of work
• Select and train staff members to perform specific custodial work such as cleaning, mopping and sanitizing
• Create and coordinate cleaning plans and oversee staff activities to ensure that appropriate standard of safety and cleanliness is maintained
• Assist staff members in choosing the right equipment and tools to handle their work
• Maintain inventory of cleaning equipment and supplies and coordinate with vendors and suppliers to ensure procurement on timely basis
• Inspect facilities and grounds to ensure that proper upkeep of both is maintained
• Provide feedback post inspection and lead staff members to perform cleaning and maintenance work in areas that were previously ignored
• Demonstrate appropriate use of equipment, keeping safety issues in mind
• Perform minor repairs on buildings and fixtures and handle operations of boilers and gas heaters
• Maintain records of staff members, supplies and equipment
• Assure that the security needs of the building are met properly by setting up and disarming alarm systems

GREENVILLE TECHNICAL COLLEGE, Alexandria, VA | 1/2008 to 5/2010
• Swept and mopped floors in classrooms, offices and hallways
• Ascertained cleanliness of counters and furniture by performing dusting and wiping activities
• Mixed cleaning and disinfecting liquids in safe quantities and performed disinfection work on door handles, floors, windows and furniture
• Emptied and washed waste paper bins and ensured that trash was appropriately disposed off
• Washed windows, walls and ensured appropriate sanitization of bathrooms
• Assisted in setting up and cleaning rooms for special events
• Handled minor grounds-keeping work by providing assistance to gardeners
• Performed minor repair and maintenance tasks such as changing bulbs and repairing fixtures

Diploma: ALEXANDRIA HIGH SCHOOL, Alexandria, VA – 2008