Sample Objectives for Food Service Crew Resume

Updated on: April 9, 2019

The information you decide to include in your Food Service Crew objective statement should be a strategic decision.

While some recruiters view objective statements as a source to gain insight into the client’s skills, others consider these a waste of time.


If you are an entry level candidate or career changer, your resume definitely needs an objective statement.

To maximize the impact this statement has on the reader; it is advisable to follow these useful objective writing tips as you build your objective statement:

  • Never use a generic statement.
  • Build a unique career objective that makes you stand out.
  • Communicate who you are and what value you bring.
  • Highlight some of your core competencies.
  • Use a unique and appealing way to demonstrate your potential.

Below are some sample resume objectives along with a guidelines on how to write an effective objective statement.


Sample Objectives for Food Service Crew Resume


Seeking a challenging position with the McDonald’s as a food service crew, where exceptional skills in table setting, food service, and kitchen assistance could come in handy.


Looking for a food service crew position at Burger King. Offers strong expertise in customer service, food handling and table clearing.


To obtain a food server position at Pizza Hut. Bringing skills in order processing and timely and accurate billing. Profound knowledge of applicable hygiene standards issued by the WHO.


As you will note in the above examples, each statement specifies the exact position being sought along with the name of the company. The statements given below are formatted like a summary.

This highlight what the candidates offer first, followed by what they are looking for.


A customer service-oriented food service professional with hands-on experience in order taking, meal serving and bill processing. Eager to work for Burger King in the role of Food Service Crew.


Talented and skilled individual with an exceptional proficiency in meal synchronization and service. Seeking a Crew Member position at burger king where skilld in delivering high quality food service could prove be immediately productive.


Highly motivated hospitality professional looking for a job at Burger King. Track record of attaining 100% client satisfaction through delivery of top quality food service and kitchen assistance.



Always remember that relevance is crucial in objective effectiveness. Carefully select the relevant skills from your profile and showcase them in the objective statement. Make it short, easy to read, relevant and to the point.

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