Fast Food Crew Member Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: December 20, 2016

Writing a cover letter blindly automatically kills its essence. If you are not aware of what purpose a cover letter serves, find out before you begin writing one. Typically, a cover letter is written to a hiring manage who doesn’t know you from Adam, to get to know you on a professional level. But one thing needs to be kept in mind when writing a cover letter – the hiring manager does not want to know everything about you. He just wants to gain information that is important to him.

Since you have never met the hiring manager, how would you know what he wants? This is no problem to gauge. It is obvious that hiring managers do not want to hire you for personal benefit. It has to be deeper than that. What a hiring manager wants is written clearly in the job description for the job that you will be applying to. And that is the need that you have to fulfil. Simple? Of course! Cover letter writing is very simple – you just have to know how to word your content to make sure that it is relevant. And that is all!

Here is a cover letter sample for fast food crew member resume to help you along:


Fast Food Crew Member Cover Letter Sample


Lilly White
899 West Street
Austin, TX 56021
(000) 857-8574
l.white @ email . com

December 20, 2016

Mr. Gary Portman
Hiring Manager
96 Turkey Creek Road
Austin, TX 56021


Dear Mr. Portman:

My knack for teamwork and customer service, coupled with 3+ years’ experience in busy fast food settings, make me an ideal candidate for Crew Member at McDonald’s.

Customer satisfaction is my top priority – and as a dedicated fast food crew member, I have contributed extensively to ensure customer retention. Having worked with fast food giants such as Burger King and Timmy’s, you can be assured that my skills are well-developed.

Some of the areas that I excel include:

• Food preparation and packing, with special focus on quality and quantity control.
• Taking and recording customers’ orders in an accurate and prompt manner.
• Handle customers’ complaints and suggestions in a positive manner, and in sync with the company’s policies.
• Complex POS systems operations to ensure quick and accurate processing of orders.

Presently seeking a challenging position in fast food service, I am convinced that working for McDonald’s will be the perfect opportunity. If you would like to know how I managed to increase my workplace’s customer base by 43% in 6 months, let’s meet in person! I can be contacted at (000) 857-8574.



Lilly White

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