Looking at a resume that has no career objective makes an employer wonder rather an employee has professional goals. A career objective tells an employer the exact job title that a candidate is applying for and tells him what your goals are. You can say that a career objective is an ice breaker when it comes to making a first contact with a prospective employer.


In fact, there is no worth of an individual or business that has no objective. Without an objective, a resume can have no focus and no sense of direction. Your all qualifications and experiences revolves around your objective like planets revolves around sun. This statement gives a ready focus to hiring managers.

An objective statement is a very effective tool which has the capacity to set you apart from all the other contenders for a job. If you get noticed, there is a great chance for you to get hired – it is as simple as that. An objective is also used to let the employer know that you know of the company and are applying because you are interested in it in a particular capacity.

A career objective is a potent device that has the capacity to ensure that an employer reads the rest of the resume. A resume does not seem structured without the help of an objective and may seem non professional without it. Additionally, a resume objective serves as a keyword when your resume is selected especially in the event of automated selections.

Usually, cover letters provide ice breaking functions but in the event that a cover letter is not there, a resume objective will serve as a somewhat ice breaking tool and there will be a lesser chance of it being thrown in the trash. On the whole, a resume objective provides a resume with readability and professionalism that is necessary for the selection procedure.