Service Crew Resume Sample

Updated: June 2, 2023

A service crew is a restaurant and fast food-based position. Service crew members need to have a cheery disposition with the ability to greet guests, take orders, process orders, and serve or pack. The crew members are also required to help kitchen staff in cleaning and preparation of food.

A resume for the service crew needs to address all the necessary skills and any relevant experiences. Very advanced hospitality skills are usually not needed for these jobs, but to make sure what the recruiting company is looking for, it is best to go through the job descriptions first.

See the example below to get further help.

Sample Resume for Service Crew Position

Allen Wright
Bay City, Texas
allen.w @ email . com

To work for a busy food chain outlet as a Service Crew. Bringing extensive order placing, food serving, and packing expertise.


  • Takeaway orders packing
  • Taking and placing orders
  • Bill processing
  • Deals translation

• Well-informed regarding state-approved hygiene standards and policy
• Demonstrated ability to handle work accurately during rush hours and ensure timely billing and order delivery
• Proven willingness to help the kitchen staff
• Track record of delivering high-quality customer service at all times i.e. from greeting till cleaning up the table
• Special talent for recommending deals, side orders, and meals for children and adults
• Proficient in handling kitchen equipment such as fryers, microwaves, and soda machines
• Bilingual: English and Spanish


Service Crew
McDonald’s, Bay City, TX
• Greet customers, offer them a menu, and take orders
• Process the order, generate bills, and answer guest queries about deal offers and service time
• Clean up the tables after the guests leave and set them for the next guests

Selected Accomplishments
• Introduced an innovative packing style using economical butter paper which reduced packing cost by 20% per order while ensuring the freshness of the order
• Maintained the chart of available food products and deals for a period of one year and kept it refreshed every single day without fail

Service Crew
ABC Company, Bay City, TX
• Packed and served warm food efficiently, in accordance with the order
• Helped in the kitchen or with outdoor delivery where and when required

High School Diploma
ABC School, Bay City, Texas | 2011