Career Summary for Service Crew

Updated on: January 16, 2017

Opening a resume “on the right foot” is important if you want it to be perceived as a wholesome resume. The career summary does that for you. Fast replacing the once extremely popular resume objective, a career summary says much more than an objective can ever do.

Career summaries for service crew resume hardly ever have to refer to job advertisements or openings – they make it obvious that there is a job opening for which an applicant is applying. Unlike resume objectives, an entire paragraph can be written to provide information of an applicant’s ability to contribute positively to an organization or a role – or both. The reason that career summaries are so popular nowadays is that they say a lot about an applicant, without stealing the intrigue from the resume. Like resume objectives, career summaries also help set the pace and mood of the resume, making it easy for hiring managers to gauge an applicant’s work-related mettle.

A career summary is the first step in convincing a hiring manager that you are a good possibility to hire. And since it sets the pace of your resume, you can be sure that once you have written a career summary, the rest of the resume will be written with great ease. Here are some examples:


Career Summary for Service Crew Resume

• Customer service-oriented and hardworking Service Crew with over 7 years of experience working in hospitality industry. Well-versed in providing exceptional food and beverage services, in accordance with the facility’s protocols and guidelines. Known to go the extra mile for the ultimate satisfaction of customers and coworkers.

• Top perfuming Service Crew / Team Member with 4+ years’ track record of success preparing food items according to established recipes, and ensuring customer satisfaction at every step. Highly approachable and friendly individual with an inherent ability to work diligently and proactively in a fast-paced food service environment.

• Enterprising and courteous Crew Member with a decade’s worth of experience working in high-end restaurants. Demonstrated expertise in providing efficient food service to restaurant patrons, while remaining within the boundaries of professionalism. Full of energy with a great attitude and smile.

• Highly motivated and resourceful service crew member, with documented success in ensuring repeat business opportunities through successful and well-placed food and customer services. Highly skilled in attending to patrons’ food, beverage and service requirements, and ensure that they leave the facility / restaurant satisfied with both the service and the quality of food.

• Outgoing and fun Service Crew Member with exceptional skills ensuring that customers are dealt with in a manner that ensures their satisfaction and paves the way for future business. A friendly and courteous individual who has a solid track record of providing customers with impeccable service.