Crew Member Resume Sample

Updated on: March 11, 2022

A crew member’s resume is an integral part of your job application set.

It is a 1-page document that contains information about your relevant qualifications, crew member skills, and experiences.

If written with care, it can bring many crew member interviews – and jobs consequently.

The following crew member resume writing tips and a sample resume will help you to craft a winning resume.

How to Write a Professional Resume for Crew Member Position?
  1. Read the crew member job description provided by the employer and write your resume accordingly.
  2. Start your resume either with a targeted crew member objective or summary statement.
  3. Add your career highlights and skills information.
  4. Write your experiences in reverse chronological order (latest experience first.)
  5. Highlight some of your accomplishments as a crew member in the experience section.

Sample Resume for Crew Member Job

Connie Ramsey
1348 Carolina Ave, Cookeville, TN 38501
(000) 120-1421
connieramsey @ email 


Uniquely qualified Crew Member with 9+ years’ track record of providing pleasant and courteous food service to customers while ensuring that quality standards are maintained. A pleasant individual who perfectly follows instructions. Able to interact with customers in an upbeat fashion to ensure perfect customer service.

• Demonstrated ability to make accurate changes quickly while taking orders without compromising on time or accuracy of order.
• Able to work irregular hours, nights, weekends, and holidays and still be able to provide quality customer care.
• Demonstrated expertise in maintaining accurate inventory levels using order guides and tracking inventories.


Crew Member
Chipotle Mexican Grill, Cookeville, TN
(6/2016 – Present)
• Assist customers with large purchases generating up to $28000 for the restaurant in one year
• Ensure 100% reduction of theft by conducting consistent monitoring of aisles
• Take orders from the counters and drive-thru
• Maintain good rapport with customers while catering to their needs
• Pack menu items carefully and check for product quality and consistency in order to minimize complaints
• Prepare drinks and ice cream treats and sundaes giving top priority to hygiene before, during and after preparation
• Prepare food orders with accuracy, and place major emphasis on food presentation to enhance customer experience
• Cook on the grill maintaining the highest standards of safety against grease fires and food contamination

Crew Member
CYT FAST FOOD, Cookeville, TN
(8/2015 – 6/2015)
• Attained the “Employee of the Year Award” for keeping the restaurant clean, organized and well-stocked
• Singlehandedly prepared a large order for a client (Equals 82 individual orders) within the record time of 2 hours
• Operated the fry station and changed the oil regularly, making sure food items are never fried in rancid oil
• Cleaned the drive-in after rush hour, depositing cups and containers into requisite recycling and trash bins
• Performed miscellaneous tasks such as disposing of trash, mopping the floors, washing the dishes, and sanitizing food areas
• Put up prep sheets, cleanliness lists, and station checklists and transfer details into appropriate registers

Kitchen Helper
ADAM’S DELI, Cookeville, TN
(1/2013 – 8/2015)
• Cleaned counters and shelves while keeping them well-stocked
• Picked up dishes from counters and placed them in dishwashers
• Ensured a constant supply of condiments
• Disposed of trash by following strict instructions for waste management
• Managed the order taking counter in the absence of crew members or during rush hours

High School Diploma – 2009

• Register Management
• Cash Verification
• Bills Generation
• Internal Theft Monitoring
• In-store Repairs
• Daily Cash Reporting
• Menu Item Packaging
• Fry Station Operation
• Shelf Stocking
• Food Preparation
• Complaint Handling
• POS Support

Member: American Society of Hospitality Professionals