Loadmaster Resume Sample

Updated on: August 28, 2016

It does seem like good sense to put everything that you are and have ever done onto paper. In fact, it makes your task of writing a comprehensive resume easier and quicker to complete. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it involves no such thoughtless and ill planned method. Your resume will reek of irrelevance and lack of authenticity.

The last thing you want to do is have your resume tossed aside without it being given a proper chance to be considered. What needs to be done, you ask? It all needs to be put down strategically. How, the next obvious question? Summarize what it means to be you as an experienced professional. List what you can do and how you’ve done it for those that have mattered. Lastly, move on to your academic qualifications.


Loadmaster Resume Sample


Donald Carr

302 Maple Drive ● Lafayette ● LA 70506 ● (000) 142-4121 ● donaldcarr @ email . com


Summary: Energetic Loadmaster with hands-on experience in supervising the loading and unloading of cargo and luggage to minimize damage and loss. A dependable individual who is willing to lead, maintains composure and ensures that cargo is loaded safely within the technical and safety limits of the aircraft securely. Adept at making sure the load is balanced to ensure no hazard due to flight load while keeping passengers safe and comfortable.

• Capable of computing accurate weight and balance assessments to ensure correct load placement and distribution
• Adept at directing cargo and equipment loading sequences by following preset standards
• Skilled in performing custom inspection of loaded, unloaded and in-flight cargo to ensure that they are safe to be transported


Air Delivery Operations Weight Calculation  Distribution Planning
Restraining Cargo Scanning Aircraft Clearance
Staging Cargo In-Flight Cargo Handling Balance Assessments
 Pyrotechnics Deployment BMT Reporting

• Scheduled air land missions and daily accountability for 70 loadmasters
• Prepared consistent daily reports that ensured mission set ups were 100% accurate
• Determined hazardous cargo compatibility, thus saving an aircraft from imminent flight difficulties
• Commended for seizing impermissible substances discovered within sealed items upon careful inspection of cargo


Aircraft Loadmaster
AIR FORCE RESERVE, Lafayette, LA (6/2014 – Present)

• Supervise loading and unloading of cargo, vehicles and people on the flight ensuring comfort, security and safety
• Preplan exact load placement and distribution to ensure safety of flights by determining proper weight and balance through complex mathematical calculations
• Ensure placement of adequate restraints to prevent load movement during flight hence removing all possible instances of slipping and sliding
• Coordinate loading and unloading with ground staff giving consideration to civilian and military regulations, prohibiting the placement of one type of cargo near another
• Inspect cargo that is staged outside aircraft for damage incurred before or during the flight

AMERICAN AIRLINES, Lafayette, LA (5/2011 – 6/2014)

• Directed loading and off-loading of routine loads for scheduled service flights in accordance with regulations
• Properly packed and repacked cargo for optimal load distribution and weight balance
• Loaded special equipment safely aboard aircraft in order to limit where other cargo is placed
• Performed warehouse duties such as inspecting inbound inventory for defects or damage and logging reports

Loadmaster Aide
LYNDEN AIR CARGO, Lafayette, LA (1/2010 – 5/2011)

• Restrained, strapped, chained load to prevent movement during flying operations
• Scanned cargo during ground and flying operations to detect possible problems
• Involved in parachute drops to deliver cargo to specific locations
• Escorted aircrafts to make sure cargo reached destinations safely
• Supervised vehicles used to load cargo onto aircrafts

High School Diploma – 2009