Crew Member Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 30, 2019

Position Overview

The person who takes and delivers your order to you at a food service setting like McDonald’s or Hardee’s is a crew member.

Crew Members greet guests and ensure that they are provided with the exceptional service.


It may seem that crew members are mere first contact employees – in actuality, they handle much more than tier-one services.

Once a crew member takes an order, s/he is required to enter it in POS and then prepare the order.

While in some fast food restaurants, there are designated people for cooking and preparing food, but in the majority of settings, a crew member does it all.

Fast food restaurant owners argue that a crew member should multitask because s/she takes the orders and knows customers’ preferences first hand!

Working in the food service industry requires a lot from an individual especially where customer service is concerned.

Crew members need to be polite even in the face of adversity and need to understand that the accuracy of order is the most important thing in this industry.


Job Description for Crew Member Resume

• Welcome customers as they arrive at the order counter

• Provide customers with the menu and suggest food items as per their preferences

• Inform customers of any special or new deals that the company has introduced

• Take orders by punching them into the POS database and repeat orders to ensure accuracy

• Take cash or process credit cards in exchange for meals sold

• Relay orders to the kitchen so that they can be prepared immediately

• Prepare orders when needed by constantly checking the order slip for accuracy

• Handle preparation of fountain drinks, shakes and ice creams

• Assemble orders and pack them in a safe manner

• Ensure that condiments such as sauces and napkins are added to the packaged food items

• Assemble meals on a tray and offer the tray to the customers eating in

• Operate fry stations and grills to handle food preparation activities

• Rotate stored food items to ensure freshness

• Discard any expired item immediately

• Ensure that order and food preparation counters are clean at all times

• Manage cleaning and maintenance activities on equipment such as ovens and grills

• Order food supplies

• Receive supplies and ensure that they are stored properly

• Handle customers’ complaints and concerns

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