11 Accomplishments for Crew Member Resume

Updated on: July 20, 2021

Where new employment as a crew member is concerned, proving that you are the best out of the lot is important.

There are several ways that you can do this, the most effective is to mention your accomplishments in your resume.

If there was even one occasion in which you proved yourself to be the best amongst your coworkers or added value to the company, it is an accomplishment.

How would you tell a prospective employer that you accomplished something?

There is a dedicated section for accomplishments in every good resume for this reason.

While it is alright to write just one or two of your accomplishments in a crew member’s resume, it is best to write as many as you can think of, provided they are relevant to the position.

When an employer looks at a resume that is accomplishments-based, they have no choice but to feel obliged to read further and eventually want to meet with you. Wouldn’t that be the ideal situation? For sure!

For examples on how to write accomplishments for crew member resume, take a look at the following list:

Crew Member Accomplishments and Achievements for Resume

  1. Attracted 1000+ new customers in 3 days by introducing a massive discount campaign.
  2. Reorganized the food inventory system resulting in decreased food spoilage during slow business days.
  3. Introduced large packs to be dispensed in smaller packs for customers which reduced condiments cost by 50%.
  4. Streamlined customer inflow by introducing a ticketing system that allowed customers to buy online “time-punched” tickets.
  5. Upsold products through innovative verbal marketing techniques that boosted the restaurant’s earnings by $5000 per month.
  6. Named Crew Member of the Month 6 times within a year, following delivery of exceptional customer services.
  7. Suggested incorporation of a breakfast menu, resulting in a 60% increase in customers.
  8. Introduced the American Flan, a one of its kind breakfast item, which resulted in increased customer interest in the restaurant’s food offerings.
  9. Suggested “assembly line” approach to preparing food products – reduced food preparation time by 30%.
  10. Actively collaborated with coworkers to ensure the delivery of efficient, high-quality service, increasing 5-star reviews by 50%.
  11. Received 100% positive feedback from the guests on performance reviews.