Pizza Crew Member Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: October 17, 2019

An employer looking to hire a pizza crew member will be on the lookout for someone excellent.

Hence, your cover letter must be exceptionally written. That is to say, it should include all the information to convince the hiring manager that you are at the top of the candidate list.


In a Pizza Crew Member cover letter, you must mention your pizza delivery skills, and competencies regarding preparing pizza and dealing with customers.

Additionally, your skills in packing takeaway orders, and taking orders over the telephone should be mentioned in the cover letter.

As far as the cover letter format is concerned, you have to be wise. Choosing the right template helps. So, does having respect for white space – after all, you do not want the reader to struggle with reading what you have written.

Applying for a pizza crew member position? You have come to the right place. Keep reading…



Pizza Crew Member Cover Letter Example


Joan Fredricks
(000) 374-6102
[email protected]

October 17, 2019

Mr. Jason Jones
Human Resources Manager
Pizza Hut
752 City Road
Cleveland, TN 27642


Dear Mr. Jones:

As an energetic and results-oriented individual, I am applying for a Pizza Crew Member job at Pizza Hut. In my 3+ years of experience in this work, I have had great exposure to customer service, POS handling, pizza preparation, and quality control.

Owing to excellence in a number of areas related to pizza making and delivery, I am positive that I am the best person to hire. More specifically, I am well-versed in:

• Taking and processing orders
• Preparing food items such as pizza dough, garlic bread, and lasagna
• Handling food according to set food hygiene standards and protocols
• Determining pizza baking time and temperature
• Providing excellent customer services

Furthermore, I am competent in processing orders in sync with customers’ requirements, and can ensure that timelines are adhered to. Tallying money in cash drawers, and handling cash discrepancies in a quick way is also a great strength.

Similarly, I possess the ability to handle large orders, ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business opportunities continuously.

I would appreciate a meeting between us so that I can further elaborate on my skills as a pizza crew member. To do this, I will call you next week. If you need to reach me in the meantime, please contact me at (000) 374-6102.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Joan Fredricks

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