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Mail Handler Job Description

Position Overview A mail handler may work in the private or the public sector, depending on his or her specific placement. No matter which setting he or she works in, the work remains more or less the same. The main work of a mail handler is to ensure that mail, such as parcels, letters, and… Read More »

Mail Sorter Job Description

A mail sorter’s work falls under the broader category of postal workers. The main work of a mail sorter is to receive and sort mail in a post office or a courier company. Basically, a mail sorter is the individual who makes it possible for your mail to reach your doorstep. On the surface, it… Read More »

Mail Carrier Accomplishments for Resume

It is important to place information on one’s accomplishments in both resumes and cover letters. Prospective employers relate well with applicants who have achieved something big in their professional lives, making them look forward to a time when the same will be replicated in their organizations. Just some time ago, placing accomplishments in your resume… Read More »

Rural Carrier Associate Cover Letter Sample

Each cover letter for rural carrier associate position must be different from the other. There is a reason for this – a solid one. Employers have enough ordinary in their lives. The need extraordinary from a candidate who promises to give them extraordinary service. Keeping this in mind, it is imperative that you write your… Read More »

Rural Carrier Associate Job Description for Resume

A rural carrier associate or RCA as they are more popularly known as are, primarily hired to deliver mail in non-urban areas. These individuals may be hired on part time or full time basis depending on the type of position that is open. A rural carrier associate needs to be exceptionally aware of the rural… Read More »

6 Postal Worker Interview Questions and Answers

A postal worker interview is a serious business. Therefore, you have to prepare well before appearing in the interview. Anticipating the type of questions that you will be asked is important. Equally important is to show confidence in the interview. The following is a set of possible interview questions and answers that you can look… Read More »

USPS Resume Sample And Complete Writing Guide

Guidance In a resume for a USPS job, present your skills, competencies, and accomplishments in a way that persuades the hiring manager to call you for an interview. This can be done by providing information about your relevant attributes that would be beneficial for prospective companies. Take a look at the following resume sample for… Read More »