Mail Carrier Resume Objectives

Updated on: December 25, 2016

Resume objectives cannot be considered outdated, even though more and more people are now opting to use a resume summary. However, objectives are easier to write. You do not have to go into long accounts of how good you are professionally, and still be able to make it seem as if you are the best that the hiring manager has set his eyes on.

An objective statement for mail carrier resume is basically your entire resume in a nutshell. Why write the rest of the resume, you ask? Well, you cannot expect an employer to be intrigued by the trailer and then not get to see the actual film! Providing a teaser is one thing – making sure that the teaser amounts to something is another. Objectives have two goals – to get the hiring manager interested in you as a viable candidate for the job, and to relay information of what you want to achieve for the company that may hire you. If you can meet both these, your objective will take your resume right into the “to be interviewed” category.

But beware! Your objective can actually backfire too. If you show off too much, or show that you are only interested in the money that will be offered to you once you are hired, you will not be hired! Make it worth the employer’s while and it will become worth your while automatically. Here are a few resume objective writing suggestions:

Sample Objectives for Mail Carrier Resume

• Seeking a position as a Mail Carrier at The Mail Management Room utilizing skills in delivering packages and mail to businesses and people, in a time-efficient and accurate manner.

• Looking for a Mail Carrier position at Minnesota Mail. Offers hands-on experience in setting up appropriate routes, and delivering mail timely and efficiently.

• Desire a Mail Carrier position with Mail New Jersey. Offering ability to perform both office and field duties associated with the position, with special focus on providing timely and efficient service.

• Highly accomplished and well-organized individual with 6+ years’ extensive experience of delivering mail between destinations seeking a position at Madison Mail Office. Deep insight into efficiently loading case ledges and ensuring that parcels and letters are timely delivered to correct recipients.

• Organized Mail Carrier with over 5 years’ track record of success delivering mail to different parts of the city, and in an intercity capacity. Presently seeking a position at Carter’s Mail Management.