Legal Courier Job Description and Duties

Updated on: September 6, 2021

A legal courier is usually hired by a legal services office to handle the logistics of physical communications within the office or with its external participants.

As a legal courier, you will be required to travel between certain charted geographical areas, usually within the city. However, an employer may ask you to travel outside the city if and when required.

You will be a great contender for this job if you have had previous experience working as a messenger or mail handler.

ALso. you will need to be able to maintain the confidentiality of the information that you carry and must be physically able to travel and work long hours.

Excellent customer service skills, a professional attitude and appearance, and the ability to work overtime is some of the criteria of working as a legal courier.

So if you are physically dexterous, know something about metering, stamping, and tracking systems, you can apply for a legal courier job. Here is a list of duties that you will be responsible for when working at this position:

Legal Courier Job Description, Duties, Tasks, Roles and Responsibilities

• Receive, sort, and distribute incoming mail and packages to ensure that they reach the recipients that they are intended for.
• Wrap, seal, affix postage, and dispatch all outgoing mail in accordance with postal guidelines.
• Handle items for distribution to clients, employees, and affiliates by ensuring that their integrity remains intact.
• Operate facsimile machines and send and receive facsimiles upon instructions.
• Comprehend orders for transporting legal documents between offices or to clients and ensure that all documents are properly packed before they are delivered.
• Operate vehicles (motorbikes or cars) to deliver documents to intended recipients by first charting out short and safe routes.
• Ensure that receipts are obtained after each delivery and maintain communications with the office to provide status reports.
• Log all outgoing and incoming items in logbooks and review them for accuracy and completeness.
• Pick mail, pouches, and packages from external agents and ensure that they are delivered to the right recipient within the office.
• Perform court filings for designated cases and ensure that appropriate follow-up is conducted in a timely manner.
• Create and maintain records of daily deliveries or visits in the mail registry book and vehicle logs.

Educational Requirements

To work as a legal courier, the candidate has to possess a high school diploma or an equivalent at the very least.

Most employers would want you to possess your own transportation that you can use while performing the work of a legal courier – some may even provide transport.