6 Postal Worker Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: July 27, 2020

A postal worker interview is a serious business. Therefore, you have to prepare well before appearing in the interview.

Anticipating the type of questions that you will be asked is important. Equally important is to show confidence in the interview.

The following is a set of possible interview questions and answers that you can look into for preparation:

6 Common Questions and Answers for Postal Worker Interview 

1. How do you feel about working at a position where rest is just a dream?

Working as a postal worker is amazing. Rest is not something that I look forward to unless of course, me being tired is affecting my work.

2. What were your primary duties while working as a postal worker?

There were two sets of duties that I performed in this role.
1. For my indoor duties, I was responsible for receiving incoming and outgoing mail, sorting it out in the appropriate piles, affixing stamps on letters, weighing and packing parcels, and ensuring that they were dispatched on time.
2. For outdoor activities, I was responsible for loading delivery vans or trucks with assigned mail and parcels. Also, I drove the truck or accompanied the driver on a pre-mapped route, delivered mail, and obtained signatures.

3. What skills do you think one requires to work as a postal worker?

To work as a postal worker, one has to be extremely physically dexterous. You have to spend most of your day on the go, usually on your feet, and you have to brave inclement weather conditions as well. Additionally, accuracy, organizational skills, and the ability to perform repetitive work are essential in this work.

4. What is your opinion on mail confidentiality?

Mail confidentiality is my primary concern. What is inside a parcel or a letter is only the concern of the person who has handed us the mail. I take mail confidentiality very seriously.

5. What is your modus operandi when it comes to mapping routes for delivery?

My route mapping activities depend on the mail priority system. I map routes according to the specifics of what I have to deliver and where I have to deliver it.

6. As far as technology is concerned, what are your abilities?

I am well-versed in operating and calibrating weighing machines and postage affixing equipment, along with ensuring that preventative and general maintenance is performed on a regular basis on them.