It is often quite a nerve-wracking experience to write a resume when you are doing it for the first time. But since all of us have to begin somewhere, it is important to give it a go. Even when you are applying for an internship, your resume does need to do the rounds on a […]

Writing a cover letter to obtain an internship position is nothing like writing one to get a job. The different is there perhaps because the latter situation requires you to possess experience, which you do not have when you want to apply for an internship. There is nothing wrong with this – everyone starts somewhere, […]

Writing a cover letter when experience isn’t your closest friend is a huge thing – and it is overwhelming at times. When you are a student, or have just finished school, looking for opportunities is a bit difficult. Difficult but not impossible. Your best bet is to look for an internship to get you acquainted […]

Whether it is a first real job or an internship, the jitters that one gets when writing a first cover letter are almost palpable! Writing your first cover letter can be a daunting task, often discouraging because one is constantly scared of the outcome. This does not warrant backing out though. If you can successfully […]

Job opportunities are different in NGOs than they are in the corporate sector. The culture is different which means that the way an individual works is also different. And since there is a stark “variance”, you need to be able to create a resume in a manner that is suitable for an NGO job. If […]

Give a prospective employer a chance to feast his eyes on the best cover letter that he has ever seen and you automatically end up giving yourself a chance to gain his favor. What could be a better deal? The problem with most cover letters is that they say nothing new, forcing hiring managers to […]

If you want to obtain an interesting, challenging and well-paid position once you graduate from high school or college, you will need to put a lot of effort when preparing your resume. The idea of securing an entry level animal science job with good long-term career growth appeals to all of us. But we have […]