The skills section is the most important part of an Administrative Assistant’s Resume. Every employer wants to see a certain level of knowledge and abilities in the prospective employee. Therefore, write effective bullet points in the skills section of your resume. Keep your skills statements simple and concise. List your skills individually instead of writing numerous skills in a single statement as companies will often conduct an automated keyword search to scrutinize candidates. Start phrases with action verbs to create a good impression.

General Overview

Administrative assistants carry out various clerical and secretarial tasks that are required to run an organization smoothly and professionally. They make use of computer software such as MS Excel to create spreadsheets and messages, administer databases, and make presentations, reports, and documents. They might be responsible for negotiating with vendors, purchase supplies, administer stockrooms or business libraries, and obtain data from a variety of sources. Exact job duties of this position differ by experience, employer, and industry.

Following are some sample statements for the skills section of Administrative Assistant Resume. Use 5 to 6 phrases to maximize the impact of your resume.


Administrative Assistant Skills for Resume

• Highly skilled in maintaining paper and online filing systems for records and messages
• In-depth knowledge of routing and managing incoming mail and email
• Hands-on experience in responding to routine letters and emails
• Track record of operating photocopiers, fax machines, videoconferencing and phone systems, and other office tools
• Able to record minutes of meetings and reproduce them accurately with correct spelling and grammar
• Demonstrated ability to reply and attach files to incoming messages
• Proven ability to use computers for word processing, spreadsheet, database management, and other applications
• Well versed in completing forms in keeping with company’s procedures
• Proven ability to communicate general information in an accurate and customer-friendly way
• Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
• Dedicated and careful: High level of correctness and strong attention to detail
• Bilingual: Fluent in English and German