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17 Administrative Assistant Technical Skills for Resume

Because of technological advancement and extreme competition in any work environment, it is essential to be technically savvy. Believe it or not, in your resume or at an interview, you will be expected to provide information regarding your technical skills. While you may argue that you are applying for an administrative assistant’s position (for instance) and… Read More »

10 Administrative Assistant Accomplishments & Achievements for Resume

An administrative assistant is responsible for providing secretarial and clerical support to an office. They are expected to perform a vast array of administrative tasks such as: As administrative assistants have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders, they are required to be go-getters. In addition, their communication and interpersonal skills need to be exceptionally well.… Read More »

12 Administrative Assistant Hard Skills for Resume

Administrative assistants perform various clerical and secretarial tasks that are required to run an organization smoothly and professionally.  They make use of computer software such as MS Excel to create spreadsheets and messages, administer databases, and make presentations, reports, and documents. Besides that, they might be responsible for; Negotiating with vendors Purchasing supplies Administering stockrooms… Read More »

Summary of Qualifications for Administrative Assistant Resume

The summary of the qualifications section of the administrative assistant resume allows you to state your skills, values, and interests to get the notice of the reader. It is an excellent place to include relevant keywords, buzzwords, and requirements that have been mentioned in the job description. Remember that it is sometimes easier to make… Read More »